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The Rise of Google My Business!

We are customers of Google, and like any business, Google wants us to stay on their “Website.” They don’t like to send people to other websites if they don’t have to.


As with all social media, the theme is “pay to play.” Organic reach on Google has dropped dramatically over the years with what is known as No Click Searches. 


No Click Searches is when you search on Google and get all the information you need without having to visit any other websites. 

Google understands that it can only get so aggressive in prioritizing paid ads over organic search results.

They’ve gotten very good at getting people to stay on search results pages until they click an ad.

They’re doing this in many ways that you’ve already seen – and it’s happening more frequently.

At first, you may think no big deal, but no click searches are no joke. It is affecting local businesses. Currently, no-click searches account for almost half of all search queries on Google. Remember when you had to go to a business’s website to get their phone number or check out their hours of operation? You don’t have to do that anymore, i.e., a no-click search.

If you are a business that relies on traffic from search engines, you have probably seen a decrease in web traffic. Organic searches are being pushed down the search page by Google ads and now no-click searches.  

A shift is occurring, and if you are not planning to address this, you will feel it very soon in decreased web traffic. 

Google has changed the rules, but they are nice about it. They have allowed all of us to use Google My Business (GMB). A GMB is a mini web site that Google provides you access to on its platform to promote your business. Some will say it is even more potent in generating business than your website. 

What does this mean for local business owners who are pouring a large portion of their marketing dollars into optimizing their websites?

Listen, I love sharing my opinion as much as the next guy. However, I don’t know your business. I would suggest checking out the math. Look at last year’s web traffic compared to this year’s web traffic and see what it tells you. 


The moral of this story is simple, pay attention to the Rise of Google My Business. Embrace Google My Business, and use it to your advantage. It truly has the power to drive new traffic to you. 


Edgewood Solutions will optimize your GMB listing to reveal its hidden potential. We will show you why Google’s No Click Search makes your GMB as crucial as your website.


Set up a 15-minute strategy call, and let’s see if this makes sense for you.

Not ready to schedule a call? I get it. Start here: Download my 35 page guide: 8 Simple Steps To Get Free Exposure From Google WITHOUT Paying For It. 

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