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Social Media Strategy


Social Media Marketing in Little Rock is simply creating content that has been tailored to your ideal customer in order to drive user engagement and sharing.


Social Marketing

Advertising on digital platforms doesn’t have to be scary – or costly – when you partner with us.

Struggling to decide which platforms to leverage, falling behind with posts or not getting a decent ROI? We can help you grow your community, manage your content and more importantly actively engage with your audience to drive conversions.

When you need careful, experienced, and professional social marketing experts, you need the team behind Edgewood Solutions. We offer a proven plan of attack that will allow you to use social media successfully without the hassle.

Fully Managed SEO

Increase your traffic with our hands-free managed SEO plans & packages.

Reputation Management

Your Online Reputation Matters, Build Trust. Take Control of Your Online Reviews. Review & Reputation Management By Certified Experts.

Social Media Strategies

Social Media Marketing in Little Rock is simply creating content that has been tailored to your ideal customer in order to drive user engagement and sharing.

Professional Content Services

Let our team of world-class writers & videographers create awesome, informative content for your website every month!


Qualified, exclusive, inbound leads delivered straight to your phone & inbox in real-time. Ready to blow up in Little Rock?


Social Digital Strategies


We not only help you discover your social identity but also help you develop a plan.


Depending on your goals, we can incorporate advertising campaigns on various social networks.


We can provide a range of content for your various social networks depending on your needs.

Digital Marketing Little Rock, AR

Social Site Services

There are hundreds of social sites, some of which remain more niche than others. Whether you’re thinking about joining Facebook professionally or you have a unique website in mind, our staff stays prepared to help.

Whether you’re worried about making the best first impression or you need to hit the ground running, we will ensure that your social sites perform at their optimal levels daily. That means fewer frustrations for you, as well as avoiding getting glued to your phone while your in-person customers wait.

You wouldn’t operate a vehicle you don’t know how to drive, so why attempt social media marketing without the right background? Instead, allow our experts to best assist you today with:

Social Strategy Planning
Efficient Online Advertising
Custom Content Creation
Community Management Services
Analytic Measurements
Continued Metric Reporting
And more social marketing solutions.

Social Media

Social Struggles

We don't time for social

Social is time-consuming when done well. Let our experts shoulder the load for this important tactic in your marketing strategy!​ 

At a minimum, our audits can be a huge time saver.

We don't have the expertise

We have a team dedicated to improving clients social platforms- from social advertising, content, and brand awareness.

We have worked with both B2B and B2C brands, helping them navigate all platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more.

We aren't producing results

Don’t beat yourself up. We hear that a lot!

We rely on analytics to drive continual improvement and provide recommendations that align with your measurable goals.​

We don't know where to start

Whether you are starting from scratch or just wanting to start over, our teams can re-configure your platforms ensuring you are set-up successfully.

We can conduct a full audit of your social media platforms and use the results to create a customized media plan for you and your team.

Struggle No More!

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Digital Marketing

Social Media Packages

Social Media Services That Deliver Measurable Results

Whether you’re new to social media and looking for help on where to start, or are just looking to expand and grow your social media efforts, our social media services can help.

Our social media packages were built to meet you where you’re at in your social media journey.


Social Media: Why Hire Us?


You likely read an article recently about how much fun that fast-food burger chain has with its fans online. It seems as if they can say whatever they want, and people eat it up faster than a combo meal.

All too often, business owners think that they can do the same thing. They switch over to their Twitter app, send out something edgy, and believe they will be the corporate darlings of the day.

These company owners don’t realize that these posts aren’t sent out without careful planning. Even if it doesn’t look like it, they are still using a certified social media manager to make these playful posts.

As a result, too many small businesses and even significant corporations face backlashes, boycotts, and more, all over a short, dumb message going out. When you can’t risk facing an onslaught of angry users, you must hire Edgewood Solutions for your social media advertising.