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Reputation Management: 

Online Reviews are fast becoming the lifeblood of new business for companies. However, most companies don’t respond to Negative Reviews. Don’t do this – Always Respond!

Negative Reviews can feel like an attack and can be inaccurate, but unhappy customers’ negative reviews present a problem. When a customer leaves a bad review, it is a sign that something is broken.

Always respond to negative reviews. 

You may be asking, Why should we respond to negative reviews?

The data is clear.

Customers expect you to respond to their reviews, whether that review is positive or negative.

86% of consumers who complain expect a response within 3 days.

-Businesses that don’t respond to reviews earn 9% less revenue than average.

-Businesses that respond at least 25% of the time earn 35% more revenue.

-A 30% response rate is the minimum needed to surpass your competitors.

-When enterprises increased their reply rate on Google reviews, they saw an 80% conversion rate increase over their local competitors.

This makes sense, though, right? It is essential to respond to all reviews – Good and Bad. It’s the management in Reputation Management.

Here are 6 quick tips on how to respond to negative reviews online:

  1.  Personalize the response with the reviewer’s name when possible.
  2.  Thank the reviewer for taking the time to leave the review.
  3. Acknowledge their problem. It doesn’t matter whether you agree with their perspective or not.
  4. Apologize and show empathy: Apologies to them, validate their feelings.
  5.  Try to provide a solution when possible.
  6.  Take the conversation to a non-public channel. Provide the reviewer with a personal or support email and ensure that they can get the help they need.

Taking time with unhappy customers has its perks. Often, when the issue is solved, you can ask them to edit their review (and they will, happily). 

It is vital to implement a Reputation Management strategy to earn positive reviews from your happy customers. Positive reviews are a great way to offset the negative ones. Asking customers/clients for a positive review with text messages and emails can provide a big cushion from a one-off unhappy client. 

I hope this helps.

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