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Socratic Method to Increasing Sales

Do you want an easy-to-learn way to increasing sales? Go old school and use the Socrates Method….. Ask your customers this question:

What almost stopped you from becoming a customer? 

(modify the question to fit your customer persona, but you get the idea)


Socrates used questions to create a dialog between people to stimulate critical thinking, learn new ideas, and challenge preconceived notions.


Here is why this method is so valuable:


Your customers have overcome every barrier – and every internal objection – to buy from you.


Even though they bought, they’re going to remember the things that almost scared them away.


And for every customer that overcame those barriers – you’ll find a lot more people who didn’t.


Right now, you are probably using the Socrates Method and asking, “why should I ask my customers? Why not ask people who didn’t buy?


Great question – consider this…


If you ask non-customers this question – you’re going to get a lot of “BS.” 


There is no way to judge which non-customer is giving legit responses. (besides, they have already decided they didn’t want to do business with you. It’s like chasing that girl that already turned you down for a date – it can get sad).


On the flip side, your customers are your perfect sales prospects. If you want more of them, get to know them as well as you can – without getting creepy about it = )


Hope this helps!

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