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Grow your practice with Online Reviews

Online reviews are an essential part of your Healthcare Digital Marketing Plan in today’s business environment. 

Online Reviews allow consumers to make informed decisions about the products and services they consider purchasing. By reading online reviews, consumers can learn what others think of a product or service before purchasing, and this can help them avoid buying a product that doesn’t meet their expectations or is a poor value for the money.

The same is valid for the healthcare industry. When patients are looking for a new health provider, they often turn to online reviews to learn more about the providers in their area. According to recent research, patients want to find a competent and experienced provider, but they also want to find one compassionate and listens to their concerns.

Healthcare Industry Review Management highlighted 5 areas potential patients looked for in a new health care provider. Each of these need to be addressed in your Healthcare Digital Marketing plan:

  • Are they compassionate and respectful?
  • Do they respect the patient’s time?
  • Did the doctor spend enough time with them?
  • Were there any problems or surprises with the billing process?

Here are a few of the issues potential patients search for when reading online reviews, as told by individual patients.

Patients look for online reviews that mention nurses, doctors, and staff members by name.

“Reviews that mention staff by name show the staff members have made a good enough impression for the patient to remember their name and to feel obligated to leave a glowing review,” says Brett Downes of UK-based marketing agency DFY Links.


Potential patients look for reviews that talk about the outcome of their visit.

This may be unfair, but it is what it is. Medical outcomes are not the same for every patient, and every human body is different. There are unexpected complications, and a care plan can be tricky. However, most of the population recognizes this, but they want to give themselves the best opportunity to relieve their medical symptoms.


Patients examine the quantity and quality of reviews.

This is reality, and there is no skirting this issue. Clinics need a strategy for creating a robust review profile, and unfortunately, there are no exceptions.

If a clinic has been in business for more than two years and only has five online reviews, people will consider it suspicious. A low number of online reviews will be interpreted as poor service.

Let’s be clear and face reality. Getting only 5-star reviews all the time can create a little skepticism too. Everyone knows one business will not please everyone all the time, so a little realism can go a long way. 


Patients look for reviews that mention your facility’s medical approach.

Potential patients want to know about your philosophy of care. Of course, 99% of your patients did not attend med school, and however, they do know what has worked for them in the past and what makes them feel comfortable.

Knowing your practice’s strengths and highlighting that messaging around your strengths affects this review factor. Put it on your website, your Google Business Profile, and all of your social media channels. Potential patients use these media channels to learn more about your clinic and your philosophies.


How to use these insights in your Healthcare Digital Marketing  advantage to get more reviews from your patients

If you are in the healthcare industry, you know the competitiveness of your field. These Healthcare Marketing insights for Little Rock, Arkansas, won’t work if you don’t have a strategy in place to request online reviews. As you move forward, consider the following:

  • Launch an online review strategy that reaches out to patients directly to ask for a review.
  • Respond to every online review – the good, bad and ugly.
  • Do your best to run a 5-star practice.

Having a Healthcare Digital Marketing strategy for requesting online reviews will assist you in running a profitable practice, one with loyal patients who will be around for years to come.

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