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Google Business Reviews

In this Age of the Customer, customers have extraordinary means to voice their opinions: Google Business Reviews, thousands of other online review sites, sub-social media platforms, and hand-held apps that connect people to communities of other like-minded people 24/7. 

If Nike, NBA, NFL, and Fortune 1,000 companies have trouble keeping on top of their reputation in this climate (and they do), what future does a small or medium-sized business to do the same? 

Shouldn’t a small business center its attention on its product or service and let its reputation speak for itself?


Truth: A Little Attention Goes a Long Way


Consider the opportunity we’ve uncovered so far in my recent posts regarding the Myths of  Google Business Reviews:

  • Consumers trust each others’ opinions more than expert opinions or any form of advertising.
  • Pretty much everyone turns to customer reviews to help them make purchase decisions.
  • Customer reviews tend to be favorable, but few write them, leaving more positive sentiment unlocked.
  • Some negative reviews help a business look more authentic and allow it to showcase its customer service in its response.
  • All reviews can help qualify customer leads and boost the visibility of a business.

Online ratings and reviews have the potential to be the single most effective and rewarding marketing channel for small and local businesses.  

However, most marketers and advertising executives don’t talk to their clients about Online Reviews because it is not sexy. It’s not a new website, or specialized on-page SEO, or DA 50 Blog Writing for specific keywords. It is not building out elaborate sales funnels to optimize the customer’s journey.  

Business owners do very little to cultivate and request reviews because they assume it’s out of their hands. They take a wait-and-see approach—forever. Remember this – what is managed is measurable. 


In the coming weeks, I will turn Google Business Reviews and other Online Customer Reviews into a manageable process and marketing channel for you. It is about being intentional where others are not. I will show you the importance of being proactive by developing a specific strategy to get more 5 Star reviews from your very own clients. 


Remember: A little bit of attention to your client’s opinion pays high dividends. 


“Courteous treatment will make a customer a walking advertisement.” 

— James Cash Penney 


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There is no way to escape it. People don’t want you to tell them how great you are. They want others talking about how great you are. We design customized strategies to get your customers to want to leave you 5-Star Google Business Reviews Online

A properly optimized Google My Business Listing, combined with a Reputation Management Strategy can turn your GMB into a high octane lead generator.

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Table of Contents:

1. Google Business Reviews

2. A little attention goes a long way


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