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Google Business Reviews

Accolades are good. Everybody likes praise. The more recognition we get, the more others brag about our product or service; the more we rise above our competition. So, outstanding, high-praise customer Google Business Reviews should be all we covet, right?

Truth: The More Substantive the Google Business Reviews, the Better 


Positive reviews are great but authentic reviews are more beneficial from an SEO standpoint. To be meaningful—that is, to increase interests and influence purchasing decisions—a review should relate how real customers experienced a product or service so that other real customers can decide whether that product or service is a good fit for them, too. 

In providing gritty detail, such reviews often highlight aspects of a product, service, or business that you, as a marketer, maybe never thought about and would never have advertised. (Examples: a boutique’s own jeans brand runs a bit small; a restaurant’s portion sizes are Weight Watchers-friendly; a staff member is incredibly quirky or humorous.) 

This “highlight effect” is right: It provides more hooks to get clients or customers in your business and steer them to what they’re looking for— or away from what they’re not. Positive, negative, or neutral, it reviews the substance that does the most for customers and, therefore, for the business under review. Not to mention that specific reviews also make better search engine material, casting a wider net of content that can likely place the reviewed business listing higher up in the Google search results for diverse queries and keywords. 

Our Review Lead Funnel is a system that gets businesses 5-Star Reviews from their customers – on autopilot! Google Business Reviews are the gold standard for a lot of businesses. However, we build Reputation Management strategies for more than just Google. 

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There is no way to escape it. People don’t want you to tell them how great you are. They want others talking about how great you are. We design customized strategies to get your customers to want to leave you 5-Star Google Business Reviews Online

A properly optimized Google My Business Listing, combined with a Reputation Management Strategy can turn your GMB into a high octane lead generator.

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