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We can learn to accept Negative Reviews. However, most prefer it to be done in private. Negative reviews, however, are not always accurate, and they are very public.

For business owners, a bad review can ruin your day. You get angry at your staff, the person leaving the bad online review. Bad online reviews can make you paranoid when serving your customers. You may even wonder if they will leave a bad review, and you worry about the bad reviews that are out there.

It is very black and white logic. Good reviews help; bad reviews don’t help. Right?

Truth: All Reviews Can Help Your Reputation 

Fortunately, really positive and very negative reviews are not the most persuasive. A review that goes on about what a great workout they get at their gym might be read as the reviewer patting themselves on the back for how hard they work out. A review that rants over a shoddy edging job by an otherwise respectable lawn service might be seen as a pointless rant by one of those people who’s never satisfied. 

It’s the range of voices and opinions that create authenticity and, ultimately, value a business’s online reputation. Customers want to hear from more than just its ranters and ravers in evaluating a product or service. They triangulate on the truth of each review from many points of perspective. 

If this all sounds like so much wishful thinking, it isn’t. Research agrees that readers of mixed reviews help develop a more positive understanding of a brand if they were exposed to positive reviews alone. We are not saying that you should seek negative reviews. Rather understand that they will be viewed in context and used to your advantage.

Negative reviews create an opportunity to build your reputation more than tear it down. However, you have to be paying attention to.


The Good News About Negative Reviews 

Have you got bad reviews? Don’t panic—it’s better than you think. Bad reviews may not be as bad as you may think. As pointed out by digital marketing maven Lisa Barone, negative comments from an unsatisfied customer may smart at first, but they can have many upsides. For example, they help you: 

  • Project legitimacy and authenticity 
  • Correct issues that need correcting 
  • Steer potential customers away from a bad fit 
  • Demonstrate care and service by how you respond 
  • And it turns out that your most vocal naysayers may be your best customers acting as self-appointed “brand managers” for your business. A recent study found that devoted customers vent the most in online reviews, ostensibly trying to steer the companies they like back on course. They sometimes make stuff up to make a point! 

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