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Recent research about the superpower of Google Business reviews and other review sites was able to show a relationship between Yelp Star ratings and restaurant activity and revenue produced.

Part of that research revealed that extra half of a star rating on Yelp increases a restaurant’s ability to sell out up to 49% more during high traffic hours.

Another report found that a Full One Star increase in Yelp increases restaurant revenue by 5% to 9%.

These are some impressive numbers. Why would a business focus on anything else than the number of stars they are receiving?

Truth: Customers Consider Star Ratings in Context

Customers, clients, patients, members, whatever you call them who look at reviews are not sheeple. They are reading reviews and consider the ratings in context. The more they do read reviews, the more they develop a critical eye in interpreting reviews.

Fake Online Reviews are a common occurrence online. As people develop their skills reading online reviews, the easier it is to spot fake or flimsy 5-Star Google Business Reviews, Yelp, Facebook, and most others. Fake is fake and easy to spot.

Thankfully, people are also critical of negative online reviews. People know that low ratings don’t reflect the whole customer experience.

Prospective buyers usually vote down low customer service reviews because they are seen as self-important or not helpful in evaluating the product or service itself.

For hotel ratings, we see the same thing: In an analysis of one-star hotel ratings on TripAdvisor, researchers noted that the most prominent issues driving dissatisfaction were front desk service issues, “principally those involving front desk staff responsiveness and empathy.” 21 But if you’re a budget traveler who’s more interested in price and location, those reviews are not likely to sway your booking decision.

Another study showed what makes a review influential and found that a reviewer’s comments on quality and content are more important to most prospective buyers. Other considerations from the reviewer’s bias or profession had little impact on the review’s influence.

When it comes to reviews, we see that substance matters more than surface customer reviews.

*(“Reviews, Reputation, and Revenue: The Case of Yelp.com.” Working Papers — Harvard Business School Division of Research”)




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  • Having a 5-star rating boosts search click-throughs by 28%
  • Going from a 3-star to a 5-star rating drives 25% more clicks
  • 56% of consumers select a business if it has positive reviews
  • 83% of the people thought the business with the user-generated reviews on a landing page was trustworthy
  • 74% of people who saw reviews on landing pages said they would contact the businesses
  • 7 out of 10 people will leave an online review if they’re asked by the business to leave one

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