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As Entrepreneurs, Business owners, or C-Suite executives, we tend to live out of balance. We focus our energies on our businesses, often to the exemption of our families, hobbies, or even needed breaks and vacations.

It is because of that mindset that I use to discredit the importance of Online Reviews. In fact, I assumed no one would volunteer their time to write about a business online. The only people who will do that will be my family, close friends, or a seriously aggrieved client.

At Edgewood Solutions, we hear these comments a lot from business owners all the time. Maybe my mom or sister will write something positive about us, but who else will bother?

TRUTH: Most Reviews Are Positive. Often Negative Reviews Are Over Represented.

In fact, customers have a wide variety of motivations for rating and reviewing the products and services they buy, both altruistic and self-serving.

Another Fact. The majority of online reviews are positive across all business segments and online communities.

A study by Keller Fay Group and Bazaarvoice found that so long as posting a review is relatively easy, the review distribution in any given community tends to follow a “J-curve” with positive reviews outweighing negative reviews 8 to 1.

Still, negative reviews are over-represented. Negative Reviewers know that complaining publicly creates attention for them and pain for the business that “wronged” them.

One survey said of all the consumers who received poor service or a bad product, only a quarter of them vent online. However, another study compared negative comments vs. positive comments about businesses. That study said, unhappy customers tell 24 other people, and happy customers tell about 15 people.

Clearly, there’s an opportunity to unlock more of the positive reviews that customers hold back. There is a strategy to get them to share a good word about any brand.

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There is no way to escape it. People don’t want you to tell them how great you are. They want others talking about how great you are. We design customized strategies to get your customers to want to leave you 5-Star Google Business Reviews Online

A properly optimized Google My Business Listing, combined with a Reputation Management Strategy can turn your GMB into a high octane lead generator.

We will design a playbook that includes three jaw-dropping strategies that are built on our Local Marketing Domination plan.

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