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In a previous article, Why Customer Reviews Matter, I shared the tools and techniques I’ve learned at Edgewood Solutions to get happy customers sharing the right word about almost any business, product, or service. The overarching strategy here is what I call a “review funnel”: anticipate what will encourage happy customers/clients to write a positive review and funnel them from their experience of your product or service through completing a review for your business. 

Regarding reviews, more is better. The strategy is to make sure your happy customers/clients/members know how much you appreciate their feedback and encourage them to leave a 5 Star Review for your business.


A review funnel strategy uses multiple channels, but the concept is simple.

  • Provide an intentional and manageable system for a business to request and remind people to share their experience with your business.
  • Link customers to a landing page or other asset to convert them into reviewers.
  • The landing page will guide the reviewer to the best possible review site to leave their review of your business.

There are three main reasons Happy Customers don’t leave Google Business Reviews for your business: 

They forget, it is too hard, they are too busy. I think we can all say we have not reviewed an excellent experience for precisely one of those reasons.

The job of our Review Funnel is to address these three pain points.

1. Remind each customer to write a review

2. Make the process easier

3. Avail them of it during their downtime

Edgewood Solutions has a Done-For-You, fully managed Review Funnel that addresses all of your customers/clients/members’ pain points. Our Google Business Reviews Funnel puts getting a 5-Star review on auto-pilot.


It’s Not About the Tools

A customer review strategy is not a black hat tactic—quite the contrary. People genuinely want to give business reviews when they have a good experience. Take a minute to reflect, and I am sure you can find a time when you fully intended to write Google Business Reviews for a local business, and you didn’t know how, you forgot, or you didn’t have the time at that moment.

A customer review strategy is a solution to the main reasons people don’t leave reviews. Being intentional about getting more 5-Star Reviews from real customers is the social proof you need to market your business.

A winning reputation begins with outstanding service. The goal is not the number of reviews. The goal is to provide social proof to prove you’re as outstanding as your marketing suggests. Reviews are your proof to POTENTIAL customers and clients that you are fantastic!

Inviting, Encouraging, and Asking for Reviews

Here is my advice, honesty, and white-hat solutions for getting customers to write your business a review is the only acceptable way to manage a Review Funnel. Do not pressure anyone, and do not offer incentives for providing reviews. You do not want people thinking you only get online reviews, because of bribes.


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There is no way to escape it. People don’t want you to tell them how great you are. They want others talking about how great you are. We design customized strategies to get your customers to want to leave you 5-Star Google Business Reviews Online

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