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Digital Marketing and Sales: 

And, One way to convert more leads to customers:


1. What is their biggest objections. Not what you think it is. A great and raw source for this is to reach out to the people who did not buy from you

2. Now you know your biggest objections. Now, go deep on them.


Digital Marketing is not only Online:

Point One requires you to know your customers.

Point Two requires more detail:

Most sales and marketing people will quickly acknowledge an objection and move straight into their rebuttal to the objection…


“I understand you’re worried about X – but this is why you don’t need to…”


This is weak.


Stating the objection isn’t enough to make a prospect feel heard.

(Keep in mind- you are dealing with a person, and sales has more to do with feelings than pure logic.)


Step 1: Go into detail about their objection.

Express their objection with more clarity and detail than they have.


Step 2: List the parts that you agree with.

Most objections aren’t 100% wrong. Mention the parts that have merit.


Step 3: Explain your counter-objection as a way of extending their thinking. (Check out Grant Cardone for more on this.)


This way, you’re not trying to “beat” your prospect by proving them wrong.

(Bad feelings = lost sales.)

Table of Contents

1. Identify the objection

2. Go deep understanding the objection

3.  3 Steps for implementation


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