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Chief Marketing Officer: What Do They Do

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is the head of marketing for any organization. They are in charge and lead all aspects from strategy development and digital operations management to overall brand image maintenance, ensuring everything runs behind the scenes smoothly so customers don’t even notice! 

The CMO must be able to do these things and understand their employees’ needs. This will help create better working conditions and increase morale within an office space when everyone feels heard by one person with such essential responsibilities.

What is a CMO?

The CMO organizes a company’s marketing efforts, including managing brands and communicating with customers. They also coordinate the flow of information throughout all departments within their organization to ensure effective communication between employees.

Marketing is one of the essential jobs in any company because it helps to increase sales and bring in new customers. For marketing strategy work effectively, you need a creative process that aligns with your goals as an organization – this includes all potential revenue streams from traditional advertising methods or other innovative strategies such as social media campaigns!

Marketing is a crucial component of any business, but the C-Suite is responsible for its success. The most critical marketing position in an organization is your Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). They’re held accountable if their strategy isn’t successful or less successful than other executives regarding how much time they last on board before being replaced by someone else! That’s why turnover rates are incredibly high at 43 months, according to Forbes business.

The Harvard Business Review points out that CMOs sometimes fail in an organization because there’s something wrong with the relationship between the CEO and the head marketer.

The CMO is in charge of marketing, but they may have less power or authority regarding getting things done. For CMOs to be influential, there needs to be alignment between what the CEO wants and how that translates into business strategy on an individual level.


CMO Job Description & Role in a Business

The job description of the CMO is debatable, and these parameters are often set and agreed upon when a person joins an organization. Still, there may be some room for negotiation in terms of territory if they have experience with particular skills that would help them take on more responsibilities than what was initially planned during onboarding sessions.

In today’s world of business, one key to success is customer service. CMOs know this, so their focus should start with what your company offers now instead of trying new tactics for gaining customers or losing them. What is the most effective way to keep an existing client happy and get more value out of them? Keep upselling!

The communication between the CEO and CMO is crucial for setting clear parameters about what authority each has. This way, there can be no confusion or conflict in their responsibilities as you start on your new journey together!

The CMO is an important position in any company, with the role varying depending on what kind of organization they work for. There can be some differences in how these positions are laid out, but one thing remains constant across them all; clear communication and understanding between your Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) AND CEO from day 1!

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is a high-value position in any company, but hiring one can be prohibitive for smaller organizations. Glassdoor reports that the average salary for a CMO is over $170,000 per year, which doesn’t include benefits. 

Edgewood Solutions provides an alternative that has been gaining traction with businesses across all industries and sizes. Fractional CMOs – part-time positions that still bring quality leadership to your organization while keeping team members focused on their KPIs. Schedule a call with us soon if this is a viable option for you and your organization.

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